Well and Pump Repairs

Maintaining your well and pump is just as important as maintaining your car. You regularly get your car serviced and the same should be carried out with your well to clean out sand, silt and rust and ensure the well screen is kept clear to maintain your water flow and pump longevity. We offer the following services:

  • Hiab Crane trucks to remove and reinstall pumps
  • Large Compressor to clean out the sand, silt and rust from your well
  • Check your Riser pipes for holes and deterioration and replace if necessary
  • Arrange to pick up and deliver pumps to Repair Companies and return once repairs or maintenance is completed
  • Specialists in retrieving pumps and riser which have broken off and fallen down the well. We are often called out by Irrigation Companies when this has happened on their site.
  • Loan pumps available while your pump is being serviced or repaired
  • Down hole camera for inspecting possible issue with well or screen damage
  • Grouting and decommissioning of old wells

Below are before and after photos of compressing a well to clean it up: