The Drilling Process

Water is a precious commodity and it is our job to ensure you get the best system possible.

  1. Consult with you as to where you would like your well sited and discuss water and pump system requirements
  2. We obtain the required bore permit from Environment Canterbury at no cost for you
  3. Drill the well using quality steel casing for wells from 150mm diameter to 300mm diameter
  4. Install high grade Stainless Steel well screens to maximise water take and quality by using the largest diameter screen available for your well
  5. Developing and Test pumping of the well not only cleans up the water but also enables accurate flow rates to be established. The correct pump system can then be installed to suit individual needs
  6. We then file the completed well records with Environment Canterbury
  7. We can provide electronically monitored Aquifer Step pump testing and Constant Flow testing per Ecan and Canterbury Land and Water Plans
  8. Arrange to take water samples for Council Code of Compliance
  9. Water sampling is also often done in older wells for peace of mind to check such possible problems as nitrate levels and water quality if there have been issues